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The Very Best in Hearing Healthcare

Mid-Valley Hearing Center is a full service audiology clinic specializing in the treatment of hearing loss in children and adults. We provide the best hearing healthcare available, in a personal and caring atmosphere. Our Center offers comprehensive hearing services for all ages, including diagnostic audiologic evaluations for children and adults, hearing aid fittings for all ages, newborn hearing screening, and hearing evaluations for individuals with tinnitus, vertigo, and ear disease.

We offer a full range of digital hearing aids including the latest innovative hearing aid technologies. Our Center is privately owned-- we are not a big chain store. We owe no allegiances to any hearing aid manufacturers and we have no quotas to meet. Therefore, we are able to recommend the best product solutions to fit your needs and lifestyle. We are confident that we have your health care and best interest in mind.

After 39 years of providing audiology and hearing aid services in Linn and Benton County, our mission remains the same: to enhance the quality of your life by improving communication between you and your family, friends and others in your community, and working with you to reduce the stress caused by hearing loss. We offer a friendly, comfortable environment for patients to learn about hearing loss and make informed decisions. Our audiologists have 58 combined years of experience in the hearing healthcare field and are highly regarded as honest, straightforward and knowledgeable professionals.

Although we can't cure hearing loss, we can work with you to make sure that you are hearing as well as possible!

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Consumer Satisfaction

92% are satisfied with their hearing aids.
95% would recommend hearing aids to a friend with hearing problems
98% would recommend Mid-Valley Hearing Center to a friend with hearing problems
99% expressed improved quality of life

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