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Consumer Reviews

My experience with Mid-Valley Hearing Center has been life changing. Susan helped me get just the right hearing aid to fit my hearing loss. I had an especially hard time hearing women's voices and that is much better. I can hear in church now and I even went to the theater to see a play and I could hear what they were saying!

Susan encouraged me to get it JUST RIGHT. To keep adjusting until the hearing aids worked at the levels I needed. After the first model didn't work as I had hoped, Susan switched me to a different make of hearing aid and that was fantastic. My husband is so much happier that he doesn't have to shout for me to hear him and understand what he is saying. Plus, just the enjoyment of being able to hear every day sounds…like birds singing and the refrigerator turning on and clocks ticking…makes me feel reconnected with the world again!

I would encourage anyone who feels they need help hearing to try Mid-Valley Hearing Center. They have many styles of hearing aids to give you the look you want and the hearing ability you have wished for. They are infinitely patient and thorough and knowledgeable.

Nancy S.

After almost nine years, am I still a contented client of audiologist Nancy Dunn's consistent care and concern to provide quality professional service? Absolutely

Gloria C.

I have been a satisfied client of Mid-Valley Hearing Center for twenty years. From early baseline testing, regular check ups and thoughtful treatment, my hearing health has been well cared for. Two pairs of hearing aids have provided a good value for the past ten years. Richelle, Susan, and Nancy are a professional friendly team for whom we are fortunate to have serving our community.

John K.

I am a musician and an engineer. My hearing is very important to me. Nearly five years ago I discovered Mid-Valley Hearing Center. I needed help with better hearing aids and they were super helpful. In 25 years of wearing hearing aids, they are the best. Here's why:

The audiologists are highly educated and knowledgeable about leading edge hearing aid technology and equipped with the latest test equipment. This enables them to determine precisely what you need in order to hear better and to show you some alternative solutions. Once you have your hearing aids (or “bionic ears” I often call mine) they assure that the hearing aids are working properly and make any adjustments needed, quickly and easily. As a musician and engineer, their work has won my confidence and respect.

From the first call or visit, the receptionist seems like a friend who is there to help. She is very effective and sets the tone for a comfortable, productive visit. In all, everyone is friendly, competent, and fast. What a breath of fresh air.

Mid-Valley Hearing Center has earned my recommendation for anyone having problems hearing.

Marvin H.

I first became aware of the quality of care and professional know-how of the people at Mid-Valley Hearing Center while being a care giver and driver for my Step Dad, Mr. Rolla B. “Slim” as he liked to be called, was so pleased to return time and time again to get batteries and other associated supplies necessary to maintain his instruments. When my own hearing problem became so acute that even I realized I needed help-where else would I have gone? Dad was nearly always right! Thanks!

Lin T.

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