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Mid-Valley Hearing Center is the oldest continuing provider of hearing services in Linn and Benton counties. Mid-Valley started in 1974 as Mid-Valley Speech & Hearing Center and was located on Pacific Boulevard for over 30 years. Mid-Valley Hearing Center moved to it's new location on Heritage Way in November 2012. 

When you come to Mid-Valley Hearing Center, you can count on seeing familiar faces. Richelle Combs, who greets you at the front desk, has been with Mid-Valley for 20 years. Audiologist Nancy Dunn, a founding partner in Mid-Valley Speech and Hearing Center, started her professional career in Albany in 1974, and audiologist Susan Peterson joined Mid-Valley in 1988. That’s 39 years for Nancy and 25 years for Susan of providing consistent, trustworthy, highest quality hearing services to Linn and Benton Counties to patients of all ages — from birth to 100+ years!

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For 39 years, Mid-Valley Hearing Center has been the only hearing business staffed and owned exclusively by licensed audiologists. Audiologists have six to eight years of university training after high school. Part of that training is a year of practical experience in a work setting.

The requirements for a hearing aid license are minimal — only 520 hours (the equivalent of about 65 days) of supervised practical experience and the completion of an online distance learning program.

Choosing your hearing healthcare provider is an important decision. Your provider will be with you for many years, just like your doctor and dentist. Choose your provider carefully and look at education, experience, and community reputation. Donít base your decision on a newspaper ad or a promotional mailing!

Mid-Valley Hearing has your well-being, not selling hearing aids, as our primary goal. And you can have confidence that we will be here when you need us!

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